Healthcare and Aging Award 2008

American Society on Aging

Fit & Strong! was selected by the Healthcare and Aging Network (HAN) of the American Society on Aging, in collaboration with Pfizer Inc. as one of only six recipients nationally of the 2008 Healthcare and Aging Awards.  The Review Committee for the Health Care and Aging Award found Fit & Strong! to be innovative with a  significant impact on community.  The Committee strongly believes that the field and practice of healthcare and health promotion is advanced by sharing Fit & Strong! with others in the field.

Archstone Foundation Award for Excellence in Program Innovation 2006

Archstone Foundation Award

Fit & Strong! received an honorable mention in 2006.  The Archstone Foundation Award, awarded through the Gerontological Health Section of the American Public Health Association, recognizes best practice models that have effectively linked academic theory with applied practice in the field of Public Health and Aging.