Instructor Training & Certification

Are you interested in becoming certified in Fit & Strong!?

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Certification allows you to implement Fit & Strong!, an evidence-based program endorsed by the CDC, ACL and DHHS.

Trainings are conducted by a Fit & Strong! Team member, a T-Trainer or a Master trainer. There are two types of trainings: a 1-day 8 hour training for Certified Exercise Instructors or Physical therapists, and a 2-day training (8 hours + 4 hours) for leaders of other evidence-based programs like A Matter of Balance (AMOB) or the Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) with no exercise certification (other non-CEIs). The 8 hour training involves:

The 2nd day 4 hour training reviews:

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Training Locations

Trainings are held either at the implementing site or the Fit & Strong! office.

Training Frequency

The first instructor training is held after licensure, upon identification of the instructors by the providers. Additional trainings are held year-round.

Master Training

Master trainers are responsible for leading the training of new instructors, conducting fidelity checks, supervising instructors, and providing ongoing support to the instructors and feedback to the Fit & Strong! team. All Master Trainers begin as program instructors leading a Fit & Strong! Class. After being observed by a Fit & Strong! team member or another Master or T-Trainer, they can be recommended to become a Master Trainer. Upon the recommendation, he/she will be able to attend an 8-hour Master Trainer Training is held by the F&S! team or a T-Trainer. The F&S! Staff try to ensure that every geographic region identifies and trains a Master Trainer within 6 months to a year of beginning to offer the program to facilitate sustainability. The Fit & Strong! Master training fee is $1000 not including travel.

Training Requirements

Instructor Requirements: