Fit & Strong!

One-Time Equipment Costs

If site already has any of the following items available: exercise bands, cd player, exercise music cds, mats, ankle weights available, then it will not be necessary to purchase that item.

Mats are an optional purchase.

One-Time Equipment Costs Chart (assuming 20 participants)
Ankle Weights $28.44/ each $568.80
Exercise Bands $9.95/ each $199.00
Participant Manuals $35.00/ each $700.00
Mats $14.25/ each $285.00
Total Cost $1752.80
Total Unit Cost $87.64 per Fit & Strong! class participant

Exercise music is defined as beats/ min.  Music purchased should range from 122-135 beats/ min.

  • Lower range beats/ min. – used for warm-up, stretching, cool-down components
  • Middle range beats/ min. – used for strengthening component
  • High range/ beats/ min. – used for aerobic component