How do I offer Fit & Strong! at my facility?
It's easy to do this — please see Offering Fit & Strong! for details.

Do you have marketing materials to help me recruit participants?
Yes. Please contact us to receive these marketing materials.

What are the requirements to become a Fit & Strong! instructor?
Please see our Training & Certification page for information on training requirements.

How can I register for Fit & Strong! instructor training?
Please register for instructor training here.

Is it necessary to become a certified exercise instructor before receiving Fit & Strong! training?
Yes. We require instructors to be certified by a national recognized fitness organization because certification provides instructors with the knowledge and background necessary to participate in Fit & Strong! instructor and ultimately, lead Fit & Strong! Fit & Strong! is an evidence-based program which has be proven to be effective through use of certified exercise instructors.

How can I become a certified exercise instructor?
Please see our Instructor Training & Certification page.

I can not attend the Fit & Strong! instructor training that I registered for initially.  How can I reschedule or cancel my training?
Email the Fit & Strong! study team stating that you would like to reschedule or cancel your training. Please provide the following information:

First and Last Name
Name of your Organization
City, State, Zipcode
Phone Number
If you want to cancel training, please provide a reason.
If you want to reschedule training, please provide your availability.

How much does it cost to offer Fit & Strong! at my facility?
Please see our Program Costs page.

What equipment do I need to offer Fit & Strong!?
Please see our Resource Requirements page.