Program Costs

The costs quoted here are estimates for providers seeking to replicate Fit & Strong!

strengthening with bands

The estimates are for one complete 8-week iteration of Fit & Strong! (24 90-minute sessions held 3 times per week) and are based on the assumption that 20 persons will be enrolled in each iteration of the program.


Please contact the Fit & Strong! team to discuss cost further.

One-Time Equipment Costs

Items such as ankle weights and exercise bands will be used across multiple iterations of the program. Please note that if your site already has any of the items available, you will not need to purchase them. View the list of one-time equipment costs.

Certified Exercise Instructor Costs

Breakdown of Instructor Hours*
8 hours Fit & Strong! instructor training
48 hours 24 sessions @ 2 hrs per session
12 hours Develop one-on-one exercise contracts with class participants
68 hours Total Hours
* Instructor training is a one-time only cost

If your site already has a certified exercise instructor on paid staff, these costs will not apply. Otherwise, the breakdown of Instructor hours are listed at right.

If you do not have a certified exercise instructor on staff, consider partnering with the YMCA or YWCA, local gyms, or parks and recreation departments who might be interested in sharing an instructor with you.

If you need to hire a certified exercise instructor, note that the hourly rate for instructors varies by region. Click on the following links to calculate hourly rates by region: